A new Class of BPO

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"
- Les Howard

How We Work


It’s not just critical to have the right people, you have to have them in the right roles as well. It’s also important to create an “enabling” environment for your employees to ensure they can perform at their best for your company. Having the right people in place isn’t going to lead to success if they’re in an environment where they’re made to feel like failures.



Many times, a business owner assumes that consumers will view their product the same way they do, but that isn’t always the case. Taking a roll in developing all campaigns with our business partners insures we are not working fruitlessly and repetitively. 



Providing 1-1 training to insure that the exact process is used to maximize your success is a key difference working at Astral Link. Regardless if its group or break out sessions you will be given to tools needed for your success. 


Who we are

Leading Experts

"We are the decisive factor behind our success"

The team at Astral Link has over 50 years of combined experience in Call Centre Operation, Management and Design, Digital Marketing and Social Media

Along with our experienced staff, we offer lead generation and consulting services to small, medium and large businesses who want to have a long-term partner to help with cost effective ways to increase profitability.

Our clients




Fixed Monthly Salary

Paid Training

With paid training you can focus on what matters. Learning to become a powerhouse in the BPO industry.

Shift Meal & Rice Allowance

Always work on a full stomach

Nightly Meals and a  Daily Rice allowance are a required part of our corporate culture.

Performance Bonuses

If we profit, you profit

Unbelievable, Consistent and Fair performance bonuses. Cash and Prizes.